Flash animation

Interactive flash animations are a new age multimedia technology that can give artistic expression to your ideas and visions and impart a dynamic and sophisticated image for your website on the World Wide Web. ElyDesign is an ideal online solutions provider offering high quality and professional flash animation services for a broad range of clients. We mainly serve Westchester County (NY), Long Island in New York, Fairfield County (CT), and Sofia in Bulgaria.

Eye-catching Flash Animation Design Services

With years of experience and expertise, our experts can deliver a range of specialized flash design and development services. We offer flash website development, flash application development, flash web intro, flash banner design, flash animations & elements, flash game development, multimedia flash presentation (for web and CD), and more.

Combining our excellence in artistic designing, animation and programming, we can implement successful flash animation programs to enhance your business profile. We utilize some of the most modern design and animation software and technologies to create attractive ideas that make you stand out.

Various Flash Applications We Offer

  • Website Development: We can develop static and dynamic corporate, personal, or e-commerce websites. Our website development services include designing and developing a completely new website or redesigning an already existing one. These projects are made entirely on Flash, HTML or Flash and HTML. Dynamic CMS flash websites are developed with admin panel editing options for the clients.
  • Application Development: We can design exciting Flash-based applications that look great and work smoothly. Flash audio/video streaming is one of the latest additions we utilize for your business enhancement. With advanced Object Oriented Programming in modern frameworks like Flash CS3, AS 2.0, and AS 3.0, we develop cutting-edge applications.
  • Animations, Intro & Banners: Highly attractive and stunning flash animations, headers, intros and banners can be added to improve the visual appearance of your websites. Understanding the requirements of your visitors, we can create excellent web intros, logos, movies and banners that would attract your prospective clients and retain them.
  • Game Development: We develop flash 2D animation games of high quality in various platforms. With proficient technical skills and artistic talent, our team can handle all aspects of game development from game concept creation to design and programming. Web-based games, online games, and interactive games are our specializations.
  • Multimedia Presentations: We create attractive and effective multimedia flash presentations for your company and work, training and entertainment. Web or CD presentations with stunning graphics can represent your entire product line or service categories. Our professionals can design digital multimedia presentations that would definitely help to raise the status of your company.

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Flash is an innovative and interactive web technology tool with excellent ability to create top quality animations for websites, online product demos, manuals, and more. With an efficient team of flash designers and developers, ElyDesign is sure to satisfy all customer needs within the estimated budget. For more details regarding our flash animations, call us at 914.514.0911.