Software design / engineering

ElyDesign has the capabilities, technology and infrastructure to provide integrated and end-to-end software engineering solutions for both simple and complicated projects. ElyDesign has an extensive client base in Long Island and Westchester County in New York (NY), Fairfield in Connecticut (CT) and Sofia in Bulgaria. We combine the valuable elements of legacy solutions with the greatest of current and emerging technologies to help companies curb costs in software development and save time.

Value-Based Software Engineering from a Professional Team

Our team would use their expertise and talent to help businesses associated with verticals such as mobile communications, public services, finance, social networks, retail, manufacturing, and insurance expand their market footprints and improve profitability and ROI. The superior programming skills of our team members enables them to make experimentations in advanced information retrieval algorithms, storage solutions, large-scale applications, and substantial scalability for an enriching user experience. They are well-versed in a wide range of programming languages including VC++, C++, C, Perl, Ada, Lex & Yacc, Python, PHP, Java, ASP.Net and C#. They are experienced in both embedded and component-based software engineering and in working with a variety of operating environments.  They make use of the best internet security standards currently available.

Our Quality Software Engineering Solutions

  • Social networks
  • Creation of custom applications
  • Application maintenance
  • Development of new products
  • Database creation and maintenance
  • Validation and verification of enterprise applications
  • Test suite development for network protocols and applications
  • Testing
  • Creation of Park by SMS software systems – Park by SMS is an easy to use intuitive, flexible, reliable, easy to scale and secure mobile payment system
  • Development of electronic payment and other electronic platforms
  • Other electronic engineering services
  • Creation of enterprise networking tools
  • Development of server/client applications to be used on Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Extensive work on mobile and client applications and complicated transaction systems in computer applications, advertising systems and networking systems

Achieve Multiple Business Benefits

Our solutions meet the requirements for a single development phase or all phases of the life cycle from requirements definition and software creation to independent verification. When we plan our computer-aided software engineering projects, we keep periodic deliverables and milestones in mind. We are committed to developing scalable applications using modular programming techniques. We implement strict regulations to finish all projects before the documented time period is up. Detailed documentation would accompany all our deliverables. See the wide range of other business benefits you get when you entrust your project with us:

  • Comprehensible communication channels
  • A new degree of functionality, usefulness and practicality can be reached
  • ADF (Accelerated Delivery Frameworks) for speedier release cycles
  • Complete product sustenance solutions
  • Considerable decrease in bug backlog
  • Considerable release of locked resources
  • Increased efficiency because of process maturity
  • Multi-platform and multi-lingual support
  • Well-organized helpdesk

Do Contact Us If You Have any Queries

If you have any queries about our software engineering services or would like an initial quote, just dial 914.514.0911. We can cater to the requirements of small, medium and large-sized businesses.