Website design / development

ElyDesign’s innovative website designers will help you get the most out of your online presence with attractive and affordable website design solutions. Based in Fairfield County, CT and with clients in Long Island, Westchester County (NY) and Sofia in Bulgaria, we are committed to creating user-friendly and fully functional websites for both SMBs and bigger sized businesses. All we need from you is an idea and a little information about your business. With this in hand, we’ll get to work on creating a custom design for your website, one that would take your business to a completely new level.

Professional Website Design Solutions

We would make a study of competitors’ websites and also of the expectations of your target users. We would research your brand and collateral. Given below is a list of our professional web design solutions:

  • Creation of banners and logos
  • Creation of landing page
  • Web template creation
  • Makeovers or redesigns
  • Creative graphic design
  • E-commerce websites with user-friendly shopping carts and other personalized solutions
  • Mobile websites
  • Static or dynamic websites
  • Search engine optimized design and content
  • Creation of sitemaps to help visitors get to the page with the information they want
  • Creation of information or e-mail request forms to invite inquiries and feedback from the visitors of your website
  • Development of SEO-friendly and user-friendly navigation menu
  • Uploading of the website to the host
  • Website updating and maintenance
  • Website management consultations

A Talented, Expert and Versatile Team of web designers

Our team of project managers and web designers has the expertise and versatility to deliver fitting solutions for a wide range of business sectors – manufacturing, banking, medicine, engineering, IT and ITES, art, cosmetic surgery, insurance, internet marketing, education, architecture, entertainment, sports, real estate, and so on. Based on your specific requirements, our designers can add Flash features, mouseovers, buttons, stock photography, extra pages, and other elements to the website.

Our quality controllers ensure that the designed website is as per your specifications, has an intuitive user interface, superior composition, proper data footprint and the other necessary features.

Why ElyDesign

ElyDesign blends affordability and quality to give you a “value-for-money” solution. For more reasons why you should outsource to our website design company, read on:

  • Creation of behavioral model of web traffic and website visitors
  • Web designers have on-the-job experience in the use of advanced applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal
  • Fast loading websites with one-of-a-kind designs
  • Designs are engaging and compel the visitor to try your products or services
  • Compatibility checks in important browser platforms such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera
  • Content management system offers a convenient way to edit the website
  • Up-to-date in use of software
  • Customer support team always ready to answer your queries
  • Promptly work on your feedback
  • Efficient at meeting tight deadlines

Get a Quote

To get a quote for the specific website design services you require, please dial 914.514.0911. To ensure that your website gets the number of hits that you aim at, you can take advantage of our SEO packages. Take advantage of ElyDesign’s solutions to boost your business image and gain an enviable edge over your competitors.